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Dangerous Trends All Young People Face That Keep Them Anxious, Depressed and Withdrawn

When our kids suffer, we all suffer. Come and learn the hidden biological factors behind Depression and Anxiety and how they can be balanced. The sad reality is that current medications are not helping our kids get well.

While meds may mask the symptom for a while, none of those meds will provide longterm healing. With Dr. Bagnell, you will learn how it is possible to heal and optimize your child’s brain and personality. There is hope!

  • Children with Depression may display this symptoms:
  • Depressed or irritable mood
  • Difficulty sleeping or concentrating
  • Change in grades, getting into trouble at school, or refusing to go to school
  • Change in eating habits
  • Feeling angry or irritable
  • Mood swings
  • Feeling worthless or restless
  • Frequent sadness or crying
  • Withdrawing from friends and activities
  • Loss of energy
  • Low self-esteem
  • Thoughts of death or suicide