Understanding the root cause and what is happening in the brain of a child with different challenges is critical to effectively address the problem. Our assessment delivers the information needed to identify exactly where the problems lie, then set a course that improves your child’s behavioral and academic issues.

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ADHD and The Brain

A study from The University of California–Davis Center for Mind and Brain shows that children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder have areas within their brains that fail to connect when they attempt a task that measures attention.

There is help and hope for children with ADHD and other conditions. Primitive reflex testing can often uncover the important "missing pieces" for proper neurologic integration to allow children to have successful progress at home and school.

Children with autism spectrum conditions/neurodiversity are often experiencing a connectivity issue is called functional disconnection syndrome, an imbalance in hemispheric brain communication that causes developmentally inappropriate behaviors.

Since the right hemisphere of the brain regulates impulsivity, attention, and socially appropriate behavior, a child with decreased right brain activity may be hyperactive, oppositional, disruptive, and even aggressive.

Our approach combines individually customized sensory-motor and oculomotor activities that improve brain connectivity leading to a reduction or elimination of behavioral symptoms. In addition, our nutritional guidelines are supported by recent research that stresses the importance of a healthy diet in decreasing symptoms of the disorder.

Help and Hope for Children with Neuroscience

While once considered impossible, we now know that the brain can improve and change throughout a person’s lifetime. This phenomenon, called neuroplasticity, is at the core of our approach. Our drug-free, integrated approach brings parents and kids together to achieve a common goal of improving the child’s focus and attention, leading to a more successful academic and personal life.

  • ADHD

  • Asperger’s

  • Learning Disabilities

  • Processing Disorders

  • Sensory Integration

  • Academic, Social, or Behavioral Issues

  • Lack of Focus

  • Impulsivity

  • Tantrums

  • Trouble Making Friends

  • Family/Social Relationships

We understand why your child is struggling.

Behavioral issues in children can lead to stress and frustration for the entire family. In young children, these issues may not yet be categorized as a specific diagnosis, but a child with significant behavioral issues may exhibit signs of anxiety, have frequent and severe tantrums, be manipulative, and/or be repetitively defiant towards those in authority.

Sometimes children who demonstrate significant behavioral issues are given a formal diagnosis of the oppositional defiant disorder. Often behavioral issues are identified along with another diagnosis like ADHD or Asperger’s. In many cases, retained primitive reflexes, visual tracking issues, and brain dysregulation due to immune or dietary issues may be involved. With proper testing and evaluation, functional neurology approaches can be developed for improving brain integration and function for greater success for our children.

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