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What is Functional Neurology?

Functional Neurology is a branch of health care under Neuroscience that diagnoses and treats “functional” or physiological brain imbalances in order to improve the brain, nervous system, and complete physiology of the person.

What are physiologic brain lesions?

The brain is a changeable organ. Whenever you use your brain either existing pathways or connections in your brain are made stronger, or new connections are formed. This is neuroplasticity.

The more we use a brain pathway the stronger it gets. The reverse is also true. The less you use a pathway of the brain, the weaker it gets.

As pathways or areas get less use, they become less active and healthy, eventually becoming ‘lesioned’. Depending on the brain area involved this under-activity may produce symptoms of ill-health. This physiologic or functional brain lesion is an area of under-activity in a brain region.

How are physiologic lesions caused?

The brain is a network of activities. Different areas are connected together to perform different functions. Loss of input from one area may lead to a problem in another area. The loss of input can be due to things like nerve damage, spinal abnormalities, inner ear damage, or even dysfunction with the brain itself.

How are physiologic lesions treated?

Functional neurology identifies the ‘lesioned’ areas and stimulates them at a rate they can adapt to in order to increase normal brain activity. Treatments can include physical or mental exercises, physical medicine therapy, visual and/or auditory stimulation. Nutritional support may also be prescribed. The exact treatment will depend upon your condition.

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