May 22, 2023 | Shawn Ryan Show

Dr. Michael Bagnell is a Functional Neurologist and Chiropractic Physician who specializes in brain-based healthcare. In this episode, Dr. Bagnell breaks down the intricacies of the "default mode network" and how the body can be rehabilitated by retraining the brain. Dr. Bagnell explains how memory and trauma inform one another. Shawn & Dr. Bagnell discuss the root of conditions like ADHD, PTSD, and anxiety. He also touches on a surprisingly new field of research that involves Dolphin's unique ability to "echolocate" different issues in humans. If you want to optimize your brain health, this episode is for you.

November 30, 2022 | Long Covid Podcast


Episode 63 of the Long Covid Podcast is a chat with Dr. Michael Bagnell, Functional Neurologist & Chiropractic Physician based in Miami, Florida. We talk about all things Long Covid and the brain - what's causing things to go wrong and how to fix them!

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