Joint and Muscle Pain

joint/muscle pain

Joint and muscle pain affect all of us at some time or another. Most of the time it is minor and resolves itself, but sometimes it becomes a problem that limits our choices in sport, leisure, or works – and may even affect the simplest pleasures of daily living.

You may have acute pain in joints or a muscle group resulting from an injury sustained in a motor vehicle accident, sporting activity, or fall. Alternatively, you may be suffering from chronic joint or muscle pain due to a condition such as Arthritis or Fibromyalgia.

Whatever the cause, you may have had to sideline many of the activities you enjoy because of the pain. You may also be concerned about the long-term health implications, especially if things seem to be getting worse, instead of better.

At Bagnell Brain Center, Dr. Bagnell uses Neurological testing equipment, a thorough physical examination, and a detailed medical and metabolic history to assess the cause of your joint and muscle pain. This will enable him to devise a plan of action designed to treat existing symptoms, prevent further pain, and avoid worsening of the condition in the future.

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How Can A Chiropractor Help?

By taking a detailed medical history about the pain experienced, whether this is in a specific joint or muscle group or more generalized pain, Dr. Bagnell will be able to determine whether the cause of the symptoms are –

  • Biomechanical: Examples of biomechanical causes include problems with the biomechanics of joints and muscles and postural strain.

  • Neurological: This could be due to problems with the neurological control of the joints and/or muscles affected.

  • Pathological: This could be caused by a tear in a muscle, tendon or cartilage, or a bone fracture.

  • Metabolic: Systemic inflammation, blood sugar imbalance, immune system dysfunction, hormonal fluctuations, and cholesterol metabolism can contribute to muscle and joint pain.

Treatment for pain that is Biomechanical and/or Neurological in origin may include chiropractic adjustments, neuromuscular rehabilitation, neurological retraining, and therapeutic exercises that patients can continue at home. These exercises re-enforce the care given by helping to improve muscle strength and to restore full function and mobility.

If a patient is suffering from pain with a pathological cause that is unsuitable for Chiropractic treatment, the patient will be referred to an appropriate healthcare provider. It is quite likely there will also be an associated biomechanical, structural, or neurological element to the problem Dr. Bagnell will be able to treat in tandem with that healthcare provider.

Chiropractic Neurology

Dr. Bagnell is a Chiropractor who utilizes principles of Functional Neurology and Neuroscience. His approach offers brain-based healthcare and uses sophisticated Neurological testing equipment designed to get to the root of problems that can be difficult to pinpoint during a physical examination.

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