Meet Dr. Bagnell

Meet Dr. Michael Bagnell

Dr. Michael Bagnell

Miami Functional Neurologist and Chiropractic Physician since 1989 for health and wellness

Can miracles still happen?

A miracle is defined as an effect or extraordinary event in the physical world that surpasses all known human or natural powers and is ascribed to a supernatural cause. Over my years serving in the chiropractic profession, I have seen dramatic changes that defy explanation and keep me realizing that healing, while a built-in, innate ability, ultimately is in the sovereign hands of God. “With God all things are possible.”

My direction into chiropractic began at the University of South Florida. As God would have it, the first student I met in the premed bachelor’s program was a gentleman who was heading toward a future serving people through chiropractic. While my plan was toward medical school, my thoughts gradually turned toward this new path, one of inside-out healing, and a fresh and different look at health.

A Chiropractic Education

My first semester at Life Chiropractic University was a shock, to say the least. Many of the students had been involved in professional and collegiate athletics or were from a family of chiropractic doctors. I began to understand that in the lives of the vast majority of students, a chiropractic doctor had made a dramatic impact on their life. The stories of how others arrived at this career were deep with emotion and rich with passion. Miraculous healing from childhood illnesses, recovery from seemingly career-ending sports injuries, restoring people with incurable diseases…all this from other chiropractic students also committing their lives to this work. Years later, as I look back, I would come to see God’s hand leading me into this profession to where I am today.

My Philosophy

Where are the family doctors today who become a part of your family over the generations? This is the relationship I seek to establish with those I serve. The elements so vital to health and healing–faith, hope, and love–are the foundations of our “operating philosophy”. All this in an evidence-based environment using the latest breakthroughs in technology and research available to our profession, making the care gentle for all and suited for everyone in the family. Simply stated, “Touching people’s lives with the wisdom and love of God through chiropractic.”

The most satisfying aspects of my work are when infants are brought to me by new parents, and I am moved by their trust; when people with no hope of relief begin feeling better, and I am thankful and amazed, realizing it’s Someone greater than me at work; and when patients ask us to pray for them year after year, and I am grateful for the privilege and responsibility we have been given.

On a Personal Note…

My wife, who is my best friend, and my three children–Annalyse, Greg, and Zach–are my great love after God. Spending time with each of them laughing, talking, eating, and learning are some of my most satisfying times of the day. Eating healthfully, cooking with my wife, and exercising have become my fitness and health routines over the past few years. My most precious time spent is with God the Father in prayer and reading early in the morning…this is where my day begins. My role as a husband, a father, a doctor, and a friend is wonderfully fulfilling and where my free time is invested currently.

I have my own brain-training and hyperbaric therapy once per week and try to maintain that type of schedule for my family; it is the preventive schedule that works best for my family, and for my staff and their families. I eat a wide array of whole foods, more of a Mediterranean diet, including fish, sprouted bread, salads, olive oil, nuts and seeds, fruits, and veggies! (Healthy gluten-free pizza is a must!)

Although through the years my position has been one of seeking self-healing solutions, I realize it is difficult for many people to struggle through painful conditions without medications. I thank God for His wisdom in the development of these substances. Unfortunately, our culture has become one of “relief” regardless of the cause, and the potential adverse effects concern me deeply. By offering new health solutions to our current health sufferings, we bring hope to many through Chiropractic.

I will be praying for those who, like yourself, are considering the hope that may be waiting for you in our office. Take the next step–and call our Miami office!

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