Wellness Coaching

What is Wellness Coaching?

A coach, in sports, gives correction based on observations to improve the performance of the athlete. When you adjust “your game” you perform better in all areas of life. How you think affects how you behave and how you behave affects every aspect of your wellness.

Wellness coaching is an integrated approach to health that addresses the whole person.

Together we can…

  • Establish lifestyle choices…that will enhance your brain health and vitality

  • Acheive better balance with work & life…to elevate your living

  • Delve into what drives you…to get a clear vision for this season of life

  • Increase your focus and productivity…to accomplish more

  • Fine tune effective communication…with yourself and others

  • Integrate successful techniques…to experience more peace and calm

Meet Your Wellness Coach - May Bagnell

May has had a life-long love for people and what makes them who they are. Her curiosity started very young and has been a life journey of accessing and studying with the best minds and coaches attain knowledge in the area of wellbeing and transformation.

She has learned from masters like Tony Robbins, Jim Kwik, Gina Devee, James Colquhoun and others in the areas of Strategic Intervetion, Mindset & Motivation, Success Coaching and Nutrition Coaching. She serves as the Center Director and Wellness Coach in our state-of-the-art brain center out of Miami, FL. Together with her husband, Dr. Michael Bagnell, they serve patients locally and globally.

Schedue a Wellness Coaching Discovery Session or call (305) 889-7488!

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