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Dr. Bagnell

"To put into words our gratitude for Dr. Bangell is impossible. My 10 year old son has suffered with chronic pain throughout his body his entire life. When he was only 2 days old I knew there was something wrong. After years of doctor appointments, misdiagnoses, being mistreated with medications that made his symptoms worse, being told my son was doing this for "attention" and being treated like a terrible mother, we were recommended to Dr. Bagnell. After our 2nd appointment with Dr. Bagnell my son said to me, "Mom, we finally found the right doctor." After brain based diagnostic testing, Dr. Bagnell recommend therapy customized specifically for the findings of his diagnostic tests. After 3 treatments we saw and my son felt a difference in his pain level. Since we have started therapy my son has experienced days with little pain and even pain free days. He is eating more and sleeping better. He is training in taekwondo again with no pain. One of my sons favorite treatments is the hyperbaric chamber. He tells me he feels so relaxed, he has no pain during his time in the chamber and stays pain free for hours, sometimes days after his treatment. We highly recommended Dr. Bagnell to anyone who is looking for a doctor who listens, understands, cares about his patients and is highly knowledgeable."


"The program Dr. Bagnell designed specifically for me has been life-changing! Recovering from the prolonged negative impacts of chronic stress is not an essay and it takes time. The program he designed for me, allowed my brain to reset itself !!! I'm able to think and focus better. The physical pain I developed on my back has also gone away. As part of the program, he also showed me physical and mental exercises I can do by-myself to continue to support my brain and body so that it can function at optimal levels and beyond !!! Many thanks to you and your wonderful team."


“ I have been seeing Dr. Bagnell for years. I suffer from back pain due to football. He uses a brain-based model to effectively treat my aches and pains. It’s a more effective form of pain relief than traditional physical therapy."


“We never knew the severity of our son’s head injury, and how post-concussion syndrome, if not treated, can have long-lasting effects on a person. Our son’s doctors never mentioned concussions. The Pediatric Neurologist even dismissed Post-Concussion Syndrome. We are so blessed and grateful to have found Dr. Bagnell and his team. His rehab program and knowledge are very impressive. He also helps you understand the process of rehab and how the brain can recover from injury. Because of Dr. Bagnell and this team, we have our son “back”. He is again happy, energetic, and no longer has the physical and emotional symptoms which manifested from his concussion. Thank you, Dr. Bagnell. You and your team are doing God’s work!”


“ In the four weeks that I have been receiving therapy at the Bagnell Brain Center, I have come to trust Dr. Bagnell, as to be the central physician in my treatment. Dr. Bagnell is a knowledgeable, caring, positive, and compassionate human being. Dr. Bagnell has provided outstanding and constant One - on - One personal attention, in the process to treat my Visual Vestibular problem. Dr. Bagnell was right on point from the beginning, providing an accurate diagnosis. He has provided a customized therapy specific to my needs. I can say as a fact, that my balance and dizziness have improved considerably since I started therapy at the Center. I will recommend Dr. Bagnell and his center to anyone looking to heal vestibular and balance problems. Thank You, Doctor, for all your help and support! :) This is an update to my review: 10/14/2020 Thank you Dr. Bagnell since I left the therapy I have to improve daily. It is needless to say that your caring and detail on to my PT was and continues to make a difference in my quality of daily life. Thank You! To the Bagnell family!”


“ Dr. Bagnell was so kind as to come to Gainesville Fl, twice, to meet/evaluate with 5 of my friends with head injuries or brain disabilities. He has helped them so, so much. One friend called me after her therapy at the Bagnell Brain Center in Miami and said she could only describe it as "life-changing" for her and her family. What a miracle. Thank you Dr. Bagnell for your devotion to your expertise to help others. Thanks to your amazing, Godly wife for her commitment as well. Keep up your great work in educating other doctors nationwide as the Keynote speaker at many national conferences. Keep spreading your knowledge. T. Gleason”


“ Gave me a positive different experience – more than what I expected!​​​​​​​”


“ There are not enough good things to say about Dr. Bagnell and the staff at Bagnell Brain Center. They are truly dedicated to what they do and put their heart and soul into every patient they treat. Dr. Bagnell is passionate about what he does and it shows. My 11-year-old daughter at the time presented a very difficult case. Before seeing Dr. Bagnell we had visited many doctors and failed to get any answers or solutions. In the course of her treatment, Dr. Bagnell diagnosed what a dozen other doctors before him had missed. He discovered she had an underlying autoimmune issue that was causing her problems. He, his sweet wife May, and the entire staff are the best there is. They love what they do and they do better than anybody.”


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