Dolphin Program

Extraordinary! Brain Training at it's best!


At our center in Miami and in the Florida Keys

2022 April and August Program Enrollment $6500

Experience a revolutionary approach to brain health as we integrate neurotherapy with a series of specialized sessions with the amazing dolphins! Our goal is to build brain resilience utilizing the best of functional neurology combined with the joy and excitement of learning along with the dolphins in a new dolphin communication game. Fun and brain stimulating for both the humans and the dolphins!

Brain Camp with Dolphins


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Your Program Experience includes:

  • 10 Neurotherapy Sessions {6 in the Brain Lab & 4 with the Dolphins} Diagnostic Tests including Brainmapping & full suite of state-of-the-art Brain Technologies for Wellness including HBOT for select participants

  • Your own Brain Tap Headset for continued brain training at home including 1-year subscription to the Brain Tap App

  • Opening Orientation Evening Closing Celebration

  • Camp Graduation Shirt Memorable Photo Package with the Dolphins Camp Journal

Why Dolphins at Brain Camp?

Dolphins are very intelligent and incredibly playful. Their generosity of spirit seems to bring out the best in all of us -- inspiring joy! And, when people are feeling joy, their stress levels go way down, making it easier for the body and the brain to return to wholeness and assimilate healthy new patterns. In Neuroscience, we know that Joy stimulates the production of the neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin in human brains which is believed to promote neuroplasticity. So we believe training your brain with the Dolphins is both fun and effective!

The Dolphins will be learning with you!

You will learn about the Dolphin Language Ambassador by participating in the exciting new Dolphin Emoji Games! This 2-way communication game is the invention of Donna & Jack Kassewitz of the Speak Dolphin Communication Research Project and is designed to give the dolphins a simple means of expressing their choices to humans.

Our Brain Camp with the Dolphins is filled with innovative science and extraordinary experiences at every level!

Who is Brain Camp for?

  • Children with learning challenges, attention, focus and special needs

  • Adults looking to improve memory, focus & brain wholeness

  • People dealing with concussion & TBI effects

  • Mood, Anxiety, Depression

  • Working professionals desiring optimal brain performance

  • Athletes professional and amateur looking to up their game

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