What Is Brain Mapping Therapy Used for?

Did you know that neurofeedback was introduced over fifty years ago?

Neurofeedback made it possible for doctors and practitioners to identify which parts of the brain were responsible for several conditions and activities. It was the beginning of advanced brain mapping. Brain mapping made it easier to administer specific neurofeedback training. 

The current state of medicine is such that it allows neurofeedback practitioners to pinpoint the parts of the brain that are not working as they should. They can do this with the help of brain maps. Having this information guides the practitioners to develop the training needed.


What Is Brain Mapping?

Brain mapping is technically known as a qEEG brain map. It is a non-invasive procedure. Doctors place a cap with electrodes on your head to measure brain activity. The cap is sensitive to the electric waves that your brain produces. The doctor connects the cap to a computer that, in turn, interprets the brain waves. The computer also analyzes the source of the brainwaves in your brain structure. 

Experts in brainwaves and brain mapping at Bagnell Brain Center can read the brain map results and analyze them. They can gain critical insights into a person's mental conditions and behaviors. There are several benefits of brain maps. They are:

  • Differentiate Parts of the Brain

Brain maps show a detailed image of a person's brain structure. Differentiating the different parts of the brain allows doctors to analyze them. It has many advantages, both psychologically and medically. Doctors can draw up treatment plans for conditions and addictions from brain maps.

  • Determining Symptoms and Causes

Some psychological symptoms are complicated to understand on their own. Brain maps provide a deeper look into the cause of some symptoms for specific conditions. Conditions like depression and anxiety or other mental disorders can cause symptoms that can be overwhelming. Brain maps can allow doctors to gain a picture of why the conditions are so intense. 

  • Developing Precise Treatments

Brain maps can be very instrumental in putting together a treatment for a given condition or mental disorder. A Bagnell Brain Center doctor will know which parts of the brain need consideration for addressing a specific disorder. They can also tailor personal treatments that are unique to the patients. It is essential for patients whose conditions are challenging to diagnose. 

  • Gaining Insight Into How the Brain Communicates

Brain maps present a clear picture of the communication between the brain and the body. A professional can observe and study how the brain responds to stimuli around the body. It can be instrumental in drawing up treatments for specific conditions.


What Do Professionals Do With Brain Maps?

A doctor can use your brain maps to create effective addiction treatment plans. The brain map provides a baseline to measure the effectiveness of the treatment. Your treatment plan may include a neurofeedback treatment. Neurofeedback treatment uses a reward system to retrain your brain functionality.

For more on brain mapping therapy, visit Bagnell Brain Center at our office in Pinecrest, Florida. You can call (305) 889-7488 to book an appointment today.



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